Morgan the Bloody

Wizard of the Black Guild


Morgan the Bloody is an intense woman with dark-blue eyes and black hair streaked with blood-red. Perhaps this unusual hair color is where she gets her name…


Morgan the Bloody is not much of a talker. She tells people what to do and they do it, or else. She’s a powerful wizard of the Black Guild. Charisma is for lesser spellcasters.

There is a persistent rumor that follows Morgan wherever she goes that she’s a Hero who successfully climbed the Godspeak only to be rejected by the Pantheon. It would seem that her lover and one of her companions on that climb, Talon Moranth, was corrupted by the Primordial Nyx. She was tasked by The Winter Rose to hunt her former lover and deliver him to the Pantheon for judgment before her own petition would be considered.

She has recently succeeded in this effort, thanks to the aid of a foreign group of mercenaries and Duchess Lavinia Moranth. She has departed to climb the Godspeak with her prize.

With further help from the Torches of Gideon, she has finally ascended to become Morgan Goddess of Dreams.

Morgan the Bloody

Literal Escapism ardhanari