James Dean (JD) Miller


James Dean (JD) Miller is an easygoing? young, male, corn-fed farmhand who enjoys quietly reading poetry and always feels the need to stick up for the little guy.

JD is a sophomore at the University of Washington in the Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management (ESRM) program. He wanted to move away from home for college, but still be close enough to be able to visit the family farm during breaks and long weekends. His aim is to learn how to better manage the family farm with the resources locally available as opposed to having to rely on resources shipped in from elsewhere. He is also considering becoming a park ranger or fire-spotter in some remote wilderness area.




Domain: Peace
The balm of peace thrives at the heart of healthy communities, between friendly nations, and in the souls of the kindhearted. The gods of peace inspire people of all sorts to resolve conflict and to stand up against those forces that try to prevent peace from flourishing.

Clerics of the Peace Domain preside over the signing of treaties, and they are often asked to arbitrate in disputes. These clerics’ blessings draw people together and help them shoulder one another’s burdens, and the clerics’ magic aids those who are driven to fight for the way of peace.

Tier: 1
Spend a Surge to add 1d6+Tier to any d20 die roll. You can choose to spend the Surge after you know whether the roll is a success or failure, and you can choose to spend multiple surges to modify the same roll.

Balm of Peace
You can use your Channel Divinity to make your very presence a soothing balm. As an action, you can move up to your speed, without provoking opportunity attacks, and when you move within 5 feet of any other creature during this action, you can restore a number of hit points to that creature equal to 2d6 + your Wisdom modifier (minimum of 1 hit point). A creature can receive this healing only once whenever you take this action.

1st Level Spells: heroism, sanctuary

Realm of Sanctuary

Entry Requirement: Call out for sanctuary in Jaydee’s name.
Realm Power: No harm can be done to any living thing within the realm.

Sanctuary is a bucolic land of rolling hills, copses of trees, and cold, clear streams. In the distance in all directions rise impossibly tall, snowcapped mountains topped by clouds.

The Place of Meeting
The Place of Meeting is a chasm with tall walls creating a natural amphitheater.

The Lodge
The Lodge is a rustic log cabin secluded high on a mountaintop where Jaydee keeps the realm’s laptop.

James Dean (JD) Miller

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