Hayley Lisset

Cleric and Judge of the Temple of Enkidu


Hayley is a young woman, 19 or 20, thin and waifish in her over-sized scale-mail armor. It’s a wonder if she can even swing the sword that is her holy symbol to her god.


The Temple of Enkidu values paladins over clerics. This hasn’t stopped Hayley, who is a bright-eyed, enthusiastic priestess of the new god of justice. Despite limited martial ability she still wears the arms and armor required of her and gives her every task her all.

Her real talents lie in legal research and advocacy, skills that should theoretically be useful to a god of justice. As a result she holds the title of Judge for Woodside, which doesn’t give her as much authority (or budget) as you might think.

Hayley has recently finally acted on her crush on James Dean (JD) Miller and has started a romantic relationship with him.

Hayley Lisset

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